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What Others Say
February 07, 2010

“Dr. Peter Kahle is one of the best therapists I have seen. He’s the therapist I would refer my family to; and that is the highest praise I can give anyone.” - Bonnie Osmon, Ph.D., LMFT, LPC, Past President of the Arkansas Marriage and Family Therapy Association, and Assistant Professor at John Brown University in the graduate Marriage and Family Therapy Program.

“Peter was one of the top students in his class. Indeed, his penetrating questions and thoughtful analyses of issues were really quite impressive for an undergraduate. It was abundantly clear that Peter was a very intelligent young man. Peter is a friendly person, a good listener, a thoughtful conversationalist, and a pleasure to interact with. I suspect that he would make an extremely fine counselor.”
— Daniel Gilbert, Ph.D., The Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology at Harvard University and Author of the International Best Seller, Stumbling on Happiness, the 2007 Winner of the Prestigious Royal Society General Book Prize (Dr. Kahle’s Major Undergrad Prof at UT, Austin).

“After 41 years of pastoral ministry, I value highly a therapist who can help people grow toward health. In checking back with the people I have referred to Dr. Peter Kahle, I can assure you he does very helpful therapy. Dr. Kahle also has a depth of faith that enables him to help his clients deal with the spiritual issues they raise in therapy. To find a therapist who can be helpful in dealing with mental, emotional, and spiritual issues is truly a gift.” — Rev. Walter E. Waiser, Pastor of Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Flower Mound, TX.

“Dr. Peter Kahle has been my colleague and friend for over 15 years. I’ve observed his skills as a therapist, clinical supervisor, public speaker, and member of a counseling center agency. He brings astute clinical acumen, natural warmth, empathy, and an engaging sense of humor into his interactions. I’ve been particularly impressed with his knowledge of, and sensitivity to, women’s issues. His vast knowledge of the integration of spirituality and psychotherapy is yet another impressive aspect of his professional ability. He receives my highest recommendation as a referral source.” — Denise Lucero-Miller, Ph.D., Director of The Texas Woman’s University Counseling Center, Denton, TX.

“In my opinion, the definition of an effective counselor is almost identical to the definition of a true friend; someone who listens, cares, speaks and confronts with honesty, as well as someone who helps to promote personal growth and emotional wellness. In my life, Peter Kahle has been that type of friend. So naturally, for those who desire genuine wellness, he is without a doubt an incredible counselor!” – Pastor J. Patrick Miller, Senior Pastor, Soul Thirst Church, The Colony, TX.

“Dr. Kahle is a natural! Dr. Kahle’s gift is that he senses possibility in the burdens and problems clients share with him. He expands the clinical view by blending psychological and relational issues in a systemic way while integrating the spirituality of those he counsels. This serves to inspire and create hope in seemingly hopeless circumstances.” — Thomas Robbins, Ph.D., Director of Family Counseling for the Archdiocese of Louisville, KY.

“Dr. Peter Kahle has my unreserved highest recommendation in every way. His character, integrity, professionalism, Christian commitment and Bible-based counsel show forth in excellence and compassion. His practice, Crossways Counseling & Consulting, has served many churches and will certainly enhance any ministry. Please give him a call.” — Dr. Charles Kendall, Senior Pastor of Lakeview Baptist Church, Grand Prairie, TX.

“I have known Dr. Peter Kahle for the past several years and have referred members of our parish to his care. In every instance we have received glowing reports of Dr. Kahle’s compassion and professionalism. I have also referred a number of people outside our church community to him with the same results. Dr. Kahle is not only a highly respected professional, but a man of faith and high integrity. What a privilege it is for me to recommend to you Dr. Peter Kahle.” — Pastor Emeritus H.H. ’Bud’ Beverly, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Ft. Worth, TX.

“Perhaps even more than being one of the finest clinicians I’ve worked with, Dr. Peter Kahle is also one of the finest human beings I know. His compassion, kindness and genuine calling to his profession allow him to make a tremendous, positive impact on the lives of the families and individuals with whom he works. Having worked closely with Peter in clinical practice, I’m honored to recommend him to others with the highest praise.”- Ann Reese LCSW, LMFT, Former Director of Family Counseling, the Salesmanship Club Youth & Family Therapy Centers, Dallas, TX.

"I’ve known Dr Peter Kahle for many years through the church we both attend and our mutual love for golf. I’ve lived a complex life. I’ve played professional baseball, been blessed to excel professionally, but the most important and fulfilling thing I’ve done in my life was serving as the Program Director for the Tarrant County MHMR working primarily with the homeless and mentally ill. Therefore, I know first hand what Peter has committed himself to, both professionally and personally. In short, Dr. Peter Kahle is the most gifted, caring, and driven young Christian man I’ve ever known. He is a true gift from God.” - Al Paschal, M.S., 1st Team All-American Short Stop at TCU, Played in the Detroit Tigers Organization, 2007 TCU Hall of Fame Inductee, Fort Worth, TX.